Paper Spook is the electro punk project of Juju and David Nilles. Bored of this world the two Berlin kids decided to get married and start a band. After two EPs and live shows all over Europe Juju and David introduce their debut LP “No Romantics“, set to be released on Rood Woof Records on September 15. It was recorded on David‘s old laptop and a cheap drum machine and was mastered in Los Angeles by Wyatt Blair (founder of Lolipop Records).

The debut single "Andy Warhol" is an ode to joy, cloaked in puristic drum and bass sounds. Like Warhol's factory it feels like an ecstatic nightmare in another reality.

Listen to the first song off the upcoming record "Andy Warhol" over here.

"Paper Spook‘s retro-inspired spook-rock numbers are enough to put a smile on John Cooper Clarke‘s face" – LOLA Mag (Berlin, DE, 17/04/04)

"The grand-children of Blondie, Iggy Pop or the New York Dolls" – Little John's Pop Life (Paris, FR, 16/10/05)

"A summary of the life of typical tweens from the city. Little money, a lot of freedom" – Abglanz Mag (Cologne, DE, 16/06/12)

"Paper Spook are the new dream duo from Berlin, Germany. They’re young and very fresh and you can clearly tell that these two beauties just wanna have a little bit of fun" – Heatwave Mag (London, UK, 16/06/20)

"There's a great awakening happening in the streets of Berlin an we're thrilled to see it rise. Paper Spook is yet another great Berlin female fronted band" – Nakid Magazine (San Diego, USA, 16/05/27)